Binding Chant
Bind to me by star and sea
By flame and stone,
The strength of will, the steady flow
From creation's quill, from mouse's song
From starlight dance and shaman's trance
The power of mind, strengthen my
Quicksilver thought,
Magick, magick, elude me not
By Horned One's axe and Lady's blade
So Mote it be, this spell is made.

Chant for Scrying and General Spellcraft
Queen of Faerie, Lady of the Sidhe
Open my eyes that I may see
Water and earth, air and fire
Magick create all I desire

Elemental Chant
Earth, earth, come to me
Ground now my body
Air, air, hear my cry
Let my mind soar and fly
Fire, fire, in my thighs
Let me dance until sunrise
Balance me and make me whole.

Elemental Power
From the soil; from the stone;
From the wind-swept sky;
From the flaming power core;
From the water's sign;
I now call the blended force
Of Elemental power;
Come here from your primal source:
Be here in this hour!

Generating Energy

Goddess Chant
(Before scrying)
Golden Lady, silver boughs
Sparkling crescent at her brow
Lady Mooooon, Mother Sun
Tell me now what's to be done.

Midnight Chant
O stars whirling through the lucky round;
O power hiding from the light;
O black curlingon the darkened ground;
O secrets hiding in the night;
O ebon treasures and the oul's sweet cry;
O haunting forces of the deep;
O misty measures of the circling sky;
O daunting courses that you keep;
Come to me with your shadowed light!
Fill me with your magic power!
Enfold me with your arcane might!
Be here at this mystic hour!

Power Chant
I take the power in my hands
From air and fire, water and land
Power of the angels and divinity
Moves and pulsates, the energy in me
I build, I birth, I brin form,
I raise with might and energy storm.
I shape I build the ultimate power
From me blooms a perfect flower
Of strength
Of healing
I reign....