Poetry by Chris Walton

I Love You

You're kissable and cuddly;

You're lovable and sweet;

You thrill me every minute,

And sweep me off my feet.

You're charming and disarming,

Disirable and true,

You inspire and impress me,

And that is why I LOVE YOU!


Another Time

The fragrance of an orchid
wafting through the air,
Reminds me of another time,
And beauty so rare
The melodic strains of an orchestra
Sailing through the night,
Reminds me of another time,
And of a lovely sight
Associations such as these
Fill my thoughts with rhyme
And I can't help but long for
The poetry of another time.
A time when life made sense to me,
When love was everywhere;
When you and I would dance and dance
While your fragrance filled the air.
Such memories consumes me,
And they constantly remind me;
That you, my sweet heart, are in my heart
And forever on my mind.


If You Love Me

If you love me
then maybe we can be
If you love me
then just tell me
If you love me
come to me
If you love me
Then you will see
How much I really love you.


An Angel

An angel fell from heaven
all broken and hurt
sad and cold
and landed on my bed
I got up and left
let the angel be
but I could walk out the door
and that's how you met me.


Take a Chance

A chance encounter of the best kind-

A meeting arranged by fate-

Two souls have come together

Two hearts can now relate.

Exploring has uncovered

A tender love sublime,

Whoose roots are strong and deep,

To withstand the test of time.

This much, I know within my heart,

That you are meant for me;

To share with me the joys of life;

Throughout eternity.

So now, I ask with an open heart

Barring my soul to thee;

Will you, dear (NAME), my soulmate

Take a chance and marry me?


Ode to My Love...

Oh what a wonderful woman you are my dear...
There is none to compare to thee...

From the beautiful twinkle of your shinning eyes...
And your ever present smile...
And the sweet sound of your voice...

My heart yearns to be inside of you...
So we could truely be one being...

I touch you..and I cry...
Because I love you so...

Your heart so loving...
Your mind so intelligent...
Your soul so pure...
And your sexuallity...*sigh*..like no other woman...

And it matters not..to me...
Whether or not you are tall or short...
Fat or thin...
or any of these things...

For beauty lies within...
and within your heart..and soul...
lies the prettiest,
most beautiful woman in the entire world!

So, please...please..take my hand...
and let me take you to a speacial place...
Where we can share our love completely...
And escape from the hassle of the world...

And become a new creature...
A unity of you and I together...
For I shall love you forever Darling...


©Copyright 2001 Chris Walton