Ogham Alphabet
(as it relates to the English Alphabet)

A - Alder Ash or Apple

B - Birch Beech or Box

C - Cherry Cedar or Crab-apple

D - Duir or Dogwood

E - Elder or Elm

F - Fir

G - Gorse

H - Hawthorn Hazel or Holly

I - Ivy or Iris

J - Jasmin Japonica or Juniper

K - Kamphor

L - Larch or Lime

M - Mistle Maple or Myrtle

N - Nut or Nuin

O - Orange or Oak

P - Peach Pine or Poplar

Q - Quickthorn or Quince

R - Rose Rowan or Redwood

S - Spindle Spruce or Sycamore

T - Thorn

U - Uleand or Umbrella-pine

V - Vine

W - Willow Wych-elm or Witchhazel

X - Xmas

Y - Yew or Yam

Z - Zelkova or Zinnia