My heritage, like many of
those whose ancestors include
Native Americans is difficult if
not very near to impossible to
authenticate. However, according
to my father, and his mother as
well, my grandfather was Lumbee.
Because of the the difficulties
that my ancestors experienced,
having married white, or
Anglo-Saxons, during the times when
it was not accepted to be of Native
American heritage, much less
intermarried, much of the documentation
that would have otherwise been
available has been lost in the
interest of survival.
My heritage on my mother's side
includes Cherokee as well.---With
similar circumstances surrounding
documents to support this claim.
In spite of this, I embrace my
heritage as being decended from the
Cherokee and Lumbee tribes of
North Carolina. (Other ancestry includes
English and Scotch/Irish background.)
On this page, I have included links
to different bits of information that I
found to be of interest when researching
my heritage. I've also included a page
of Native American quotes and The Legend
of the DreamCatcher.


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