Morbid love I thought,
To Have lost,
But he Massaged me,
With a,
" I Still Love You",
Happiness fills my heart,
Tears fill my eyes,
True love I say never dies,
I hope this is not a game,
I give You my heart,
Soul body and mind,
Justin I hope you can,
Give me the same.

© 2003 Katie Davis

Locked in a room,
A room no way out--
Looking for my Soul--
So morbid--
Without Hope--
Lost in a world of endless
lies and worthless nothings.
Forgotten girl--
Daddy's lost - he's gone--
Morbid nights--
Hold my knife--
Lost In a endless hate--
Daddy exscaped my pain.
Forgotten me--
Forgotten girl--
Morbid dreams--
Lock my door--
Morbid Girl--
In her own lil morbid world.

© 11-6-03 Katie Davis