Recently I wrote the lyrics to some songs that I'd like to share with you here. These are copyrighted and have been submitted to a local band for possible use in some songs to be recorded in the near future. Check back for more info and maybe to see if the list of lyrics grows any. Until then...enjoy.



B l i n d e d

The world spins again
The hate delving deep
Leaving craters in our souls
How long will it take?
How long will it be?
Til all eyes are opened
Until the blind too can see?

Hatred born of ignorance
We all bleed the same
All oppressed by those in power
Religion just a game
Used to pull the puppet's strings

I feel anger, I feel hurt
Does it matter that my skin's not like yours?
Does it matter what I call my God?
My blood flows as yours does too
Should I die for that?
Should I die for that?

Color, race, religion
Draw your dividing lines
Blow em all away
Open your eyes and see
Open your eyes!
You're just like ME!

©Copyright 06/27/02 ~Gretchen L.Holcomb


I n v i s i b l e

Does nothing I say sink in?
Does my rage mean nothing to you?
This world unfair, uncaring
What does it take to be heard?

Walk outside the lines and lose your voice
Fall in with conformity and lose your individuality
Wage the war and pay the price,
Such is our society.

And so I rage inside
My thoughts hidden in a mask
Sometimes a word spoken and quickly passed
Wouldn't want to be....

Do you see me standing here?
Am I just a face in the crowd?
Just another voice of rage?
Go ahead now...tune me out...
Ignore my angry shout!

©Copyright 06/27/02 ~Gretchen L.Holcomb


R e c k o n i n g

Earth shaking under your feet
Burning all around
Nothing left but pain
No more healing rain
Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
Time is at it's end
You're among the sinned

Too late
Too late
Who's gonna save you now?
The sun will shine no more
There's not a prayer for you

Falling from the sky
Fire and ice
Burn the ground
Kill the seas
Nothing left for the living
You're among the damned

Are you ready?
Are you ready for this?
Can you live?
Can you live with this?
God save me PLEASE

©Copyright 07/04/02 ~Gretchen L. Holcomb



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