The moon waxes and wanes each month, rising an hour or so later during each twenty-four hour period. When it is full, it rises as the sun sets. There are different types of spells traditionally performed at the phases of the moon. More complicated patterns exist relating to the specific day of each lunar month, but these methods are rearely followed today. The Moon's phases and the types of magic appropriate to them are:

Waxing Moon
(from New to Full)
       When the moon is waxing it is a time for beginnings, health, and healing, psychic awareness, beauty, fertility, and all positive magical workings.

Full Moon

       All positive magical spells are performed beneath the potent glow of the full moon, including protection, love, healing, purification, psychic awareness, money, and travel.

Waning Moon
(from Full to New)

       This is the time for banishments of habits, addictions, disease, and negative thoughts. Jealousy, guilt, and hurts are released under the waning moon. The old is swept away to make room for the new.