Poetry Page


Fingers fly across a keyboard
striving to express
that which words alone
could never quite address.

I want to look into your eyes,
let you see the way I feel.
There is not a doubt reflected there,
my love for you is real.

I know not what the future holds
or what tomorrow brings
but fate brought you into my life
and my heart has sprouted wings!

©Copyright 2000 Gretchen L. Holcer

Fluttering Heart
The way my heart feels
When I see your smiling face
Cannot be displaced

©Copyright 2001 Gretchen L. Holcer

My Mountains

When I think of home,
more oft than not,
my heart begins to ache
for crystal streams and shady paths
and a million other things.

To hear a bobcat's scream at night
would be like music to my ears.
The view from my most special place
has haunted me for years.

There's nothing like my mountains.
They are a part of me.

A place so hostile to society
where some might be afraid
Is where I find my inner peace,
where my truest self was made.

©Copyright 2000 Gretchen L. Holcer

Cry For Inner Peace

Each time I close my eyes
In search of solitude
My mind can find no inner peace
The silence is not true

The hurts of others crowding in
Demanding to be heard
I cannot hide or shut them out
They will not be deterred

I, who feel what others feel
I, who sense their pain
Have nowhere I can be alone
The effort's all in vain

Is this a gift or burden?
Or will I ever know?
That I must answer thos who call
They'll never let me go!

The ebb and flow of energies
A never-ending tide
That fills me with emotions
From which I cannot hide

To feel another's sorrow
and touch upon their pain
To help another on their path
to maybe ease their strain

I would do my duty willingly
For the blessings that it brings
But what of my identity
And what my soul-light dreams?

©Copyright 2000 Gretchen L. Holcer


When I was little,
You showed me the way,
And made me what I am today.
For all your guidance, caring, and love,
I thank the lucky stars above.
I caused you problems years ago,
For that I'm sorry, I hope you know.
You taught me how to stand on my own,
If only then, I wish I'd known.
There were times when I was mad at you,
For little things you made me do.
But you were always there for me,
You let me be what I wanted to be.
I love you more than words can say,
And learn new things from you each day.
You're someone on whom I can depend,
You're not only my mother, you're my friend.
And I hope that someday I will be,
As good a mother as you are to me.

©Copyright 1993 Gretchen L. Holcer

The Wall

I built a wall around my soul
So high that none could pass
With bricks and mortar made of pain
And gates of solid steel

No matter what the offered bribery
Or promises made of gold
The soul that hid behind that wall
Could never be bought or sold!

Until one day, a thief crept by
So sly, almost unseen
He slipped right in, no fuss at all
And escaped with my soul
His getaway was clean!

I thought my true self hidden
I thought none could touch me there
But somehow you have climbed the wall
And found me waiting there.

Alone, afraid, but filled with love
I give my all to you
The only one who could enter in
And see the me beyond the wall

©Copyright 2000 Gretchen L. Holcer

The Unseen

Hidden in a realm of shadows,
the doorway undisclosed...
Faster than the human eye,
the folk called fae go whizzing by.
Caverns hide where dragons sleep,
while Nessie glides through waters deep.
A world of myth and magick
modern man has set aside...
A blindness truly tragic
made up of human pride...
Unable to explain,
unable to control
They simply can't exist
here on this mortal coil.
If you cannot see, touch, feel, or prove,
does that mean it isn't so?
Because you cannot see the river's end,
do not the waters flow?
In every myth, a grain of truth
or so it has been said.
On hopes and dreams and fantasies
the human soul is fed.
If you would close your eyes to this
because you've never seen,
Then so bemoan the death of souls
who never chance to dream.

©Copyright 2001 Gretchen L. Holcer