The Celtic Runes
(Ogham Alphabet/Tree Alphabet)
*Runes should be written vertically

Beith (B, birch): New beginnings, unseen forces at work bringing change, birth of new ideas.
Luis (L, rowan): Protection, control of senses, the strength to turn away negativity, vitality, healing, magick.
Fearn (F, alder): Prophecy, divination, scrying, intuition, remaining true to your ethics, music, poetry.
Saille (S, willow): Feminine energy, fertility, psychic powers, intuition, new forces flowing, enchantment.
Nuin (ash): Linking of inner and outer worlds.
Huathe (H, hawthorne): Protection, purification, learning through adversity, sexuality, self-imposed isolation, selfsacrifice.
Duir (D,oak): Balance, integrity, justice, tests, and ordeals, courage, mastery over self, legal or money matters, growth.
Tinne (T, holly): Challenges will be overcome with unity and concerted effort, ability of slipping in and out of a great variety of behaviour styles, to be able to respond to the environment at hand.
Coll (C, hazel): Creativity, poetry, intuition, the powers of divination, perception, intuition. arbitration.
Quert (Q, apple): Choosing that which is benificial, love affairs, beauty, healing, nourishment, living fully.
Muin (M, vine): Psychic senses, harvest, visionary states, patience, releasing logic and reason, career and education.
Gort (G, ivy): Follow the spiral of life, explore personal paths, transformation in self, career and education.
Ngetal (N, reed): Awareness of environment, creating order from chaos, progress through vigilance, harmony of will, action.
Strait (Ss, blackthorne): Fate, wheel of fortune, trials and tribulations lead to change, true liberation, rebirth is possible.
Ruis (R, elder): Passing of old cycles, looking ahead, change and renewal, new residence, career, health.
Ailim (A, silver fir): Clear vision, foresight, being grounded in the present, nurture new projects, gathering insight.
Ohn (O, gerse): Increase of material possessions, synthesizing information, sexual energy, repelling negative energy.
Ur (U, heather): World of spirit, healing, personal success, well-being, fertility, prosperity, Faerie magick, romance.
Eadha (E, white poplar): Overcoming fear and doubt, inner guidance, determination, rebirth, omens and signs, creative solutions.
Ioho (I, Y, yew): Death, rebirth, reincarnation, destiny, accepting the inevitable, new starts, contacts with past.
Koad (K, grove): Woodland sanctuary, Faerie magick, cohesion of elements, faith, the unexpected surprise, the delights.
Oir (Th, spindle): Joy through process, stretching limits, accepting responsibility, use of will, direct action.
Uilleand (Pe, honeysuckle): Inner vision distinguishes truth from lies, hidden treasure, defeat confusion, mastering inner forces.
Phagos (Ph, beech): Wisdom from the past, thirst for knowledge, written communication, truth, law, justice, elders' advice.
Mor (Xi-Z, sea): The Goddess, hidden depths, travel, primal wisdom, bounty, full moon, high tides, childhood.

History of Ogham Alphabet

Ogham Alphabet
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