~A spell is a magical ritual. It's usually non-religious in nature and often involves the use of symbols or symbolic actions and words. It's a specific series of movements, use of tools and inner processes (such as visualization) to created a specific manifestation.
~A spell is a spell is a spell. To manifest your need, the spell must be designed to do three things:
a)Raise personal power (and, in natural magic, to unite it with Earth power)
b)Program this energy (through visualization) and
c)Release the energy.
~This webpage contains several spells. Each is designed to accomplish these three things, but they need the magician's help. A spell is truly magickal only in the hands of a magician.
~This is the way of magic. May you use this powerful tool in love, respect, and wisdom.


  • Don't practice magic to annoy, irritate, harm, hurt or to kill another person.
  • Don't practice magic that will bind, influence or control another person.
  • Don't practice magic to try to win the love of a specific person.
  • Don't practice magic to try to win sexual favors from another person.
  • Don't sell your magical spells.
  • Don't practice magic to satisfy your ego.
  • Don't practice magic of any kind for another person (even if it's beneficial) without her or his consent.

  • ***These aren't just my guidelines. They've been developed by experienced magicians over thousands of years. They're based on the idea that magic is a wonderful tool for positive, personal transformations. It's misuse--in any of the methods described above and others--turns it into an instrument of evil. Magic is what you make of it. Also, magic influences you. If you practice magic to control another person, someone else will control you. If you practice magic to harm another person, someone else will harm you. If you practice magic to satisfy your ego, something will come along to crush it. This is ALWAYS the case. Concentrating on these types of energy will build them within yourself. Soon you'll be the victim of your own spells. These are the dangers of such magic. I have done my duty in forewarning you, the rest is your choice alone, but I sincerely hope you will acknowledge the Power of Three and remember that whatever you do to harm another WILL come back on you threefold! Caution is a necessity!
    So you think you're ready to begin your journey into the realm of the unseen? Welcome and Blessed Be