Sweet Dreams!!!

This page was designed just for fun!
I promise you won't get bored here!
I am still working
on things so try and be patient if the
link you wanted to see is not yet
available. I'm working on it!
There's some more stuff about me here
too...for those who just gotta know all
the juicy details!

: - ) DW (07/15/02)

My Favorites...
Color: deep forest green and purple

Food: fresh, ripe plums

Car: Dodge Viper (candy-apple red)
~Stuck w/ '87 Chevy S-15 pickup truck

Animal: Lion

Restaurant: Picadilly's (PA)

Movie: What Dreams May Come(Robin Williams)

Song: "Drown"~Mimic

Band: Mimic

Book: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe : - )

Nightclub: Ziggy's (Winston-Salem, N.C.)

Store: Spencer's/Hot Topic

Place: Graceland Highlands, Appalachain Trail

Holiday: Christmas/Halloween

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More stuff about me...
I live in a small town in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. I think that the population is currently around five hundred people. That's a real crowd, huh?
Perfect for me though. If I want something that my town doesn't offer, I'm within a quick road trip from a city that does.
The crime rate is low, the air is clean, and the scenery is rivaled only by my birthplace in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina.
The best part of all is that this place actually exists and I have the priviledge of calling it home!

My very best online friends...

pyro---(Hey sweetie! *hugs*!)
Star---Heya *T*! : - )
Dodge23Lady---aka Cindy Muahh! ;-)
And so many more!!! Thanks for
hanging out w/ me people!


My Favorite Quote...
"I've got a pretty good
grip on reality,
but nothing like the
headlock it's got on me!!!"
: - )
(Frank & Ernest 06/16/97)

Faerie Rose - A sketch by me!

My Pets...

Lady---10 year old Treeing Walker Coon Hound

Scott---8 year old Llewellyn Setter

Sarah---8 year old Llewellyn Setter

Copper---9 month old Bassett Hound

Misty---12 week old gray striped kitten

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Ziggy's Tavern - My favorite nightclub! (When I can find a brave soul to accompany me!)***You've gotta check the links!!!***