The Winds

In speaking of, say the North Wind, it is the wind which blows from that direction rather than to the direction that is in question.

North Wind

     The North Wind is the wind of death - but not necessarily that of physical death. This is the realm of the eternal universal law -change. 'Death' here refers to the elimination of negativity. (spells of destruction).

  • How to use it? If you are depressed, anxious, envious, jealous, angry, and the wind is blowing from the North, face full into it and it will free you of these things.

         If you wish to break a bad habit, perform any spell of this nature while the North Wind is blowing for added power.

    Element: earth (healing aided by North Wind)
    Color: Black

    East Wind

    Freshness, renewed life, strength, power, & intellect. Spark of creation.

    Spells - dramatic improvements, changes for the better, especially behavior.

    Element: Air Color: White

    South Wind

         rules noon when the Sun (or Moon) is highest in the sky, the time of the greatest light & heat.

    Element: Fire
    Color: Yellow

    West Wind

    water magick - love, healing, fertility.
    Especially excellent for spells involving cleansing or purely religious rituals.

    Element: Water
    Color: Blue

  • Invoking the Four Winds

    Turn to the North!
          Wind of the North!
          Rushing and Mighty!
          Aid me in my magickal work!

    Turn to the East and say!
          Wind of the East
          Dazzling and Bright!
          Aid me in my magickal work!

    Turn to the South and say!
          Wind of the South
          Fiery and Radiant!
          Aid me in my magickal work!

    Turn to the West and say!
          Wind of the West
          Gentle and Bouyant!
          Aid me in my magickal work!