It is proper to doubt. Do not be
led by holy scriptures, or by mere
logic or inference, or by
appearances, or by the authority
of religious teachers. But when
you realize that something is
unwholesome and bad for you, give
it up. And when you realize that
something is wholesome and good
for you, do it.

~The Buddha


The struggle between good and evil
is the primal disease of the mind.



Without beginning or ending, your
original wisdom has been shining
forever, like the sun. To know
whether or not this is true, look
inside your own mind.



The farther you enter into the
truth, the deeper it is.



Mind has no color, is neither long,
nor short, doesn't appear or
disappear, it is free from both
purity and impurity; it was never
born and can never die; it is
utterly serene. This is the form
of our original mind, which is
also our original body.



If the doors of perception were
cleansed, everything would appear
to man as it is: infinite.

~William Blake


When you realize the unborn, the
uncreated, unconditioned, you are
liberated from everything born,
created, and conditioned.

~The Buddha